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How to Heal Emotional Wounds

Find Yourself Again with the Power of Alchemy Healing

'Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.' - Eckhart Tolle 

Each video is about 10 minutes long, covering the following topics:
- What is the Emotional Body (9:44)

- Thought Patterns - the mental programs running in the background that keeps us feeling emotionally drained or tired (10:58)

- Functions of the ego - Is your ego keeping you stuck? (7:26)

Download these 3 Video Classes to get started right away.

Certified Meditation Facilitator, CMS

Tiffany Tin, Founder of My Inner Temple, New Earth Alchemists Academy

Reiki Master Level Teacher

Spiritual Intuitive Healer

Certified Completion Process Practitioner

Conscious Living Coaching

Certified Meditation, Kundalini and Chakra Facilitator 

Hi there! I'm Tiffany! 

I am knowledgable in many holistic healing modalities to release inhibiting fears and emotional pain caused by past experiences. I lead 50+ successful and valuable conscious workshops, healing events, courses, retreats, and webinars every year to share with my community in everything that helps us heal and be empowered. I specialize in energy healing, alchemy healing and facilitating your soul light journey to find your inner truth.Cultivating holistic healing skills has changed my life and I know it will serve you greatly as well. This is a tool that is available to anyone and I am very excited to share my knowledge with you! 

I cannot begin to describe how Divine my experience with Tiffany has been! She is an exceptional healer and channeler, and our sessions together have been transformational BEYOND words. One of the most unique things about Tiffany besides her authentic connection to divine realms and wisdom she carries and shares during and in-between sessions, is her unconditional loving presence and sincere desire to serve and empower others to act and speak in alignment with their truth, just as she does. Before working with Tiffany, I felt very lost and misunderstood. But since meeting and working with Tiffany, I don’t feel so alone anymore. I feel I have gained more clarity to my life’s purpose and connection to my higher self. Tiffany, you are truly a gift to humanity and I cannot thank you enough for shepherding my journey and guiding me to the Light.


These unintegrated aspects of ourselves are then forced to go to ever greater lengths to get our attention, leading many of us into a state of confusion and frustration wondering why our hearts’ desires seem to refuse to manifest. The truth is, sooner or later, we are all going to have to do this work if we are truly to evolve.


That is why I believe Tiffany’s brilliant and utterly unique synthesis of reiki, shamanism and shadow work puts her at the cutting edge of today’s rapidly evolving field of spiritual healing modalities. She gives proof that this work does not have to be scary or painful but in fact can be the very thing that puts us immediately in direct contact with the vibration of unconditional love that we all yearn for. This is because her approach is rooted in the fact that true, authentic, spiritual love begins with that which you give to yourself.


Her profound and intimate understanding of this process can only come from someone who has gone through it herself and her naturally radiant, angelic aura provides an atmosphere of non-judgement, compassion and forgiveness that immediately dissolves the barriers we put between ourselves and this work. Combined, these gifts of hers transform what for many is an intimidating process into a gentle, yet deeply cathartic release that can catapult your spiritual progress forward perhaps more than anything else can.


I anticipate that she will soon find the ideas and techniques that she has innovated near the forefront of the world of spiritual healing and I would wholeheartedly recommend that you experience it for yourself, as I have, since what can offer you can only very inadequately be described in words.

Christian Whittall

Her unconditional presence and patience cuddled my ego to the point where my walls began to fall down. Slowly she guided me through memories hidden in the depths of my (subconscious) mind and carried me through until my inner child felt good in my safe heaven. I didn't realize then that this first session was only the beginning of a deep healing journey. After spending some time with Tiffany and using the completion process, I came to understand that her love and compassion come from her heart and her own healing journey, and today I trust her and I admire her bravery.
I also realized that I was guided to Tiffany because for my own healing, my soul required someone with grasping and knowledge of energy work; I had stored painful memories in every cell of my body and it was her wisdom on reiki and the trust in her intuition that helped me release that stuck energy.
I am for ever grateful for the time you've spent with me, guiding me through painful wounds and traumas with love and care. I am inspired and have found a new sense of hope.

Ana Paula

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Hi Alchemists! I’m Tiffany Tin, founder of My Inner Temple and creator of the New Earth Alchemists programs, where I help hundreds of people overcome inhibiting fears, past trauma and breakthrough to happiness, peace and find their authentic self.


Have you ever struggled with depression or anxiety caused by past trauma, can’t seem to break out of repeating patterns such as abusive relationships and self sabotaging thoughts? Sometimes it feels impossible to cope with your emotions, people are calling you oversensitive when deep inside you just want to be felt, heard, belong, liked and connected.


Me too, I also went through these challenges. After experiencing a traumatic and abusive childhood, a lot of my feelings and memories were suppressed up until my high school years. I was popular, a teacher's pet, involved in school, lead many clubs and always achieved excellent grades. I thought life is pretty perfect then. The scars of my childhood began to haunt me starting in Grade 12. It started out with random panic attacks, I didn't even know what it was happening. It slowly progressed to depression, social anxiety and memory loss. I was deteriorating physically and mentally.

I went through years of therapy, CBT, DBT... although these modalities helped me a lot, I felt that there was something important that is missing in the mainstream society. Other than harmonizing, realigning and healing our body and mind, we also need to apply the same attention to feed our soul with alternative healing modalities. Trauma, doesn't have to do with extreme forms of abuse. We have all experienced trauma in one form or another. It can manifest as nightmares, insomnia, inhibiting fears, addictions, depression, anxiety, low self esteem, chronic pain, just to name a few.


I started learning everything that I could in healing and empowerment, spending thousands of dollars on certification programs and reading hundreds of books.


The results are amazing, I left the corporate and am now a successful full time multi-disciplinary healer and teacher who leads many sell out workshops, classes, events and retreats. I am in a healthy, loving and passionate relationship with my partner and I am doing what I love every single day while empowering my clients and students and helping them align to their life purpose.


When it comes to the pathway of healing and integration, we can use positive focus and affirmations to help us reprogram our thinking patterns. The other crucial factor in healing is that we must truly embrace emotional hurt and wounds without fighting or avoiding it. What we resist, persists. We need to shift our focus to embrace the polarities of life. That means acceptance of how we truly feel, connecting with our body on a deeper level and digging up what’s buried in our subconscious mind.


I am sharing with you every technique, tool and resources that has helped me and hundreds of others healing and empowered themselves with inner alchemy.

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