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Working with me is powerful and always life changing. 

The following online courses are all intended to help you access your innate spiritual gifts and expand your channelling abilities

Learn how to Channel and Access Light Codes for energy healing, protection, cleansing and akashic memory retrieval 

The Wing Makers

Receive sacred knowledge and learn how to use light codes from divine frequencies such as Melchizedek, Seraphim, Dragons, Lemuria Rose, Arcturian Blue Ray and more. 

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Become a Master Healer, walk the Priestess Path and uplevel your healing gifts. 

High Priestess Ascension Academy 

A comprehensive training program for intuitive and empathic women to confidently unleash your inherent spiritual gifts, powerfully build your soul purpose aligned spiritual business. Life time support, self paced study, private sessions and group practice sessions.

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Learn how to Channel Light Language, soul song with 5 sacred lineages for healing, cleansing and activations.

Bringers of Light

Receive high vibrational attunements for your light body to strengthen your spiritual channels, work with Archangels, Dragons, Masters of Light, Atlantis-Lemuria and Stargates

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Learn how to channel messages with your spirit guides to empower yourself and help others

Channelling Divine Messages with Spirit Guides 

Activate Your Third Eye and Spiritual Channels to release energetic blockages multidimensionally, Receiving your Soul Light Language for healing and vibrational upgrade, Getting Messages with Spiritual Guides safely, clearly and confidently, Merging with your multidimensional selves With training videos, workbooks, guided practices and LIVE classes

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