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Channel Divine Messages with Spirit Guides

The Premier 4 week Online Training Program to Activate your Spiritual Channels, Learn how to Access Messages with the Higher Realms with clarity and confidence! 

with Renowned Spiritual Teacher, High Priestess, Starseed Channel Tiffany Tin

Just like you I have been loving the Ascended Masters, Angels and Elementals at a young age. 

We all receive messages from the higher realms in different ways.


They leave us little breadcrumbs that we follow, signs like 11:11, a totem repeatedly coming into our lives, synchronicities and much more. 


When I found out that my guides were communication with me, I was so happy! 

And I wanted to learn how to speak to them with more clarity, being confident in myself and how to access these divine guidance in the moment when I need them. 


Channelling is an ability that everyone has. And it doesn't have to take forever to learn. 

I'm Tiffany and I have been a full time spiritual healer and teacher for 4 years now.


I went being super blocked to a mastering the skills I need to read starseed lineages, past lives, aura, messages from spirit guides and much more. 

It's really exciting and I want you to be access your own inherent channelling abilities too! 

So now the question is HOW?

How do you shift from ​waiting and hoping for the next message to being able to access divine guidance right away? 

The Channel Divine Messages with Spirit Guides 4 week online training program was created specifically to equip you with the spiritual advancement, skillset mastery and energetic activations to help you open your spiritual channels to the higher realms. 

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Curriculum Overview

Life Time Access to Digital Program:


Module 1 Activate Your Third Eye and Spiritual Channels to release energetic blockages multidimensionally 


  • Practice #1 Sacred Light Circuitry 

  • Practice #2 Activating the Light Body

  • Practice #3 Sound Vibrational Upgrade 

  • Practice #4 Rainbow Ray Past Lives Karmic Cleansing 

  • Practice #5 Energy Vortex Release (emotional release for the chakras) 


Module 2 Receiving your Soul Light Language for healing and vibrational upgrade 


  • Practice #1 Connect with your Higher Self and your Heavenly Team  

  • Practice #2 Integration of Soul Light Centers   

  • Practice #3 Attuning to Sacred Tones 

  • Practice #4 Throat Chakra Resonance Activation 

  • Practice #5 Expressing your Soul Light Language 


Module 3 Getting Messages with Spiritual Guides safely, clearly and confidently 


  • Practice #1 Attuning your energy field 

  • Practice #2 Allowing the flow 

  • Practice #3 Using your Claire Abilities

  • Practice #4 Meeting your high level spiritual guides 

  • Practice #5 Communicating with your high level spiritual guides 


Module 4 Merging with your multidimensional selves 


  • Practice #1 Entering the Trace State 

  • Practice #2 Focus and concentration 

  • Practice #3 Your Power Totem 

  • Practice #4 Meeting your multidimensional selves  

  • Practice #5 The Alchemist 


Ongoing Invitations to LIVE practice sessions guided by Tiffany plus Q&A

This course includes:

You will receive life time access to:

23x Guided Practices to activate your light body, open your spiritual channels and access messages with your guides (Value $486) 


2x Guided Healing Meditations to clear blockages from past lives and childhood (Value $198)

4x Downloadable PDFs with instructions, additional practices, healing and activating affirmations (Value $147)

Plus Ongoing Invitations to LIVE practices and Q&A session with Tiffany (Value $120) 



One time payment of $97 USD

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Image (1).jpeg

I learned SO much because of her! I felt so supported, encouraged and felt so much love and compassion. Tiffany really cares about your wellbeing and works hard to empower her clients. 


I could list a whole bunch of ways that I've evolved, ascended and broken through old patterns because of working with Tiffany, but these are the two of the biggest: 

I now trust so much in my own intuition and capacity to heal myself, others, and get through anything. 

My connection to and relationship with my inner child is thriving and it's made such a huge impact on my life.

I now believe so much in my own intuition and capacity as a healer. I don't doubt myself anymore and I'm able to serve others in a way that's very aligned with my soul purpose. 


I was able to deepen my connection to Spirit tenfold since I started working with Tiffany. I discovered this powerful connection I have to Mother Earth, my Higher Self and my ability to channel.

Before I met you, I knew that I was ready to grow and that I had the ability to be more open spiritually, but I didn't know how. 
I had been going through so much, so when I would come I just wanted to 

let out all this stuff I was carrying. You were so attentive and present and 

after our healing sessions my life, and my family have improved drastically. 
I am more open, I am more in tune, I see the messages and I am getting 

more clear on their meanings and what spirit needs me to know.

There were so many (Ah-Ha moments) - but one of the biggest 

was when I connected to my angle wings and my higher self and was able to settle some issues. Also, the Akashic reading was incredible and not only 

helped me clear some karma, but also helped my son.
Tiffany helped me reach a spiritual level that I didn't know existed, to open my heart to such a beautiful experience of light. It was truly amazing. 

Edie / Teacher

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