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My Expertise

Reiki Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing

Aura Readings

Soul Retrieval

Etheric Cord Healing

Entities or Implant Removal 

Inner Child Healing 

Ego Alchemy

Tao Source Healing

Akashic Records Readings

Past Lives Purifications

Channeling with your Spirit Guides

Light Body Activations 

Light Language Activation

Light Codes Attunements


Welcome, I'm Tiffany.

I am an International Spiritual Healer, Renowned Master Teacher and High Priestess.


I help women and men deeply heal and empower themselves through spiritual healing work to stand in their power. Working with me is transformative right at the start, if you want to manifest more happiness and fulfillment in your life then I am the right coach for you. I have helped hundreds of students become master healers themselves by helping them uncover and advance their inherent healing abilities to launch and succeed in their own soul aligned businesses. 

l am  the leader of My Inner Temple and Course Director at the New Earth Alchemists Academy. 


I have led 250+ sold out workshops, healing events, courses, retreats, and webinars. I specialize in energy and spiritual healing, working with the inner child, defusing limiting ego strategies and facilitating your soul light journey to become the person you want to be. 

I have always been ultra sensitive to energy and passionate about holistic and spiritual healing, which is why I have fully devoted myself to help hundreds of people find their happiness, confidence and purpose. I overcame depression and anxiety, left the corporate world and now has the honour to work with amazing souls every single day. 

Now I share these ancient and modern wisdom and practical techniques through my certification programs, online courses and private sessions so you can reclaim your goddess and warrior selves

We are a match if you are ready to:

Truly Unleash your Inner Goddess & Warrior 

Experience a Deep Transformation by doing the work even when it gets hard 

Take action to follow your heart and answer your soul's calling 


Let go of insecurities and confidently embrace who you are 

Build self love, trust and acceptance by integrating with your inner child 

Take your power back from limiting beliefs and emotional wounds

Unlock hidden spiritual gifts and learn how to use them properly 


Creating more impact, freedom and passion to make the world a better place 


Featured Healer and Speaker 

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At a young age I was already very connected to the ascended masters energies, Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mother Kwan Yin and the Angels. Like most of you, I got distracted by school and a series of life events and lost touch with my spiritual gifts and went into a consciousness slumber. 

I am what you would call the wounded healer, having gone through a difficult childhood, I found myself hopping into one abusive relationship after another. I just didn't know what feeling safe with the masculine energy feels like. We started off very wealthy but through gambling, we went into serious financial struggles. During that time I was also bullied harshly in school and recovering from a sexual assault. My life was a series of trauma that I hid very well from everyone else. Until the pressure cooker within broke down and I started spiralling downwards into depression, anxiety and suicidal attempts. 


I felt like there was no hope for me, depression was a silent monster that became my closest companion. I see myself slowly wasting away, the constant chest pain and tears wouldn’t go away, I felt totally powerless and ready to give up on life. But deep inside, I had this little voice in my head that told me there’s something else - this cannot be the end. 

My first awakening was very similar to Ekhart Tolle.


One New Years Eve, I hadn't left my room in days, I was suffering deeply. I let myself cry until I couldn't cry anymore, it was then that my inner flame rise and I said to myself, 'look Tiff, you can either check out now or make a choice and live life to the fullest, there is no other way.' ​The rage in me had transformed into light and power. I sat up in peace and never looked back again. 

Depression took my 20s away from me, but it didn't take away my inner light, sense of humour (I laugh at my own jokes) and curious playfulness. In fact, looking back it has given me SO MUCH. I wouldn't be who I am today without the hardship. 

I now enjoy a life of purpose, super fulfilling, amazing relationships, found my twin flame, had a baby girl and a job that I love. I am a skilled master level healer who helps others rise and become healers themselves. The sage that guides them along their journey by connecting deeply within and without. I got on the love train to live a soulful life, with gratitude and appreciation, to serve you, grow alongside with you. 

I am a Light Warrior. A Priestess. An Alchemist. A Wing Maker. 

Other skillsets to know about me:

Master Healer and Teacher at High Priestess Ascension Academy

Certified Reiki Master Level Teacher/Practitioner


Certified Completion Process Practitioner


Certified Meditation Facilitator


Certified Kundalini and Chakra Facilitator


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Mentor


Tao Hands and Divine Healing Hands Practitioner

Hon. B of Science in Biology

Who are Your Clients?

I work best with other determined and resilient people who are committed to their expansion, transformation and growth, who are ready to move forward in life and committed to taking the steps that are needed to get results.


You will be expected to take serious and consistent action. Release dense or negative energies, shift them into positive energy and don’t give in to excuses anymore, shift into a different way of thinking and receive full support while you achieve this incredibly exciting goal: confidence and authenticity, taking your power back from mental and emotional blockages.


When you face your shadows, you emerge brighter than ever.

My clients are from all walks in life and are ready to commit and invest in their own self development and transformation. Being open to receiving different perspectives, have an open mind so that I can work with you and get the best results that you deserve. 

I have helped my clients and students with the following: 

  • Establish a strong connection to your higher self and get clarity on how to move forward in your life

  • Opening the Akashic Records to heal past Lives, release ancestral blockages and generational healing 

  • Access past lives memories in Lemuria, Atlantis, Arcturus, Pleiades and much more

  • Activate innate spiritual gifts such as Light Language, Light codes, channelling, healing skills

  • Gain unshakeable confidence in public speaking engagements 

  • Exercise better communication skills to heal relationships with partner, friends and family 

  • Reclaim their divine feminine sensuality and release past trauma through womb healing 

  • Live life with enthusiasm, passion, purpose, prosperity and have more fun!   

  • Speak up and express yourself without fearing what others might think of you

  • In the midst of challenges, be able to surf the waves with confidence and ease

  • Be a better decision maker and take charge of your own life

  • Help uplift the planet and be the change that you want to see in the world

  • Build emotional safety, immunity and intelligence for better leadership skills 

  • Reintegrate from past trauma and as a result change your future consciously

  • Stop attracting relationships that no longer serve you and how to connect with people that are on the same mission as you so that you have a healthy and supportive network

  • Know how to navigate your emotions when triggers arises so that you are no longer feeling powerless to your emotional pain

  • Strengthen connections with their spiritual guides, such as Arcturians, Pleiadians, Elemental Dragons, Ascended Masters, Archangels and many beautiful beings

  • Realize that you are a powerful being and that you can restore and heal yourself and others around you

  • Gain new spiritual knowledge that is practical and can be applied to your daily life


Why do people love working with you?

* I come from a space of non judgement and compassion. People find it very easy to open to me because they really feel accepted and understood

* I am a light worker that works with inner alchemy to transform shadows. Healing emotional wounds at the energetic and soul level through soul retrieval and mirror work with the inner child

* Integrity and quality. I believe in making my services affordable to the collective while honouring my living needs. I give everything I offer 100% effort, from freebies to courses, sessions and workshops. 

* I believe in empowering others. Working with me means I'm facilitating your journey, to help you become your beacon of light but not creating codependency. I am equally as valuable as you are, we are in a circle together. 

* I am always evolving and expanding my knowledge and skillset. I take time to care for my body and advance my spiritual channels to download valuable information for all. 

* May be it's the earth dragon or virgo energy, I am very analytical and focus on the 'HOW TO' when I work with you. Knowledge is great, but wisdom is knowledge and the application of the knowledge itself. 

* I can connect with spirit guides, celestial beings and angels. Although these high density guides wants us to take charge of our own reality, they can offer guidance or potent healing. 

"I cannot begin to describe how Divine my experience with Tiffany has been! She is an exceptional healer and channeler, and our sessions together have been transformational BEYOND words. One of the most unique things about Tiffany besides her authentic connection to divine realms and wisdom she carries and shares during and in-between sessions, is her unconditional loving presence and sincere desire to serve and empower others to act and speak in alignment with their truth, just as she does. Before working with Tiffany, I felt very lost and misunderstood. But since meeting and working with Tiffany, I don’t feel so alone anymore. I feel I have gained more clarity to my life’s purpose and connection to my higher self. Tiffany, you are truly a gift to humanity and I cannot thank you enough for shepherding my journey and guiding me to the Light." 

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