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Access your Spiritual Gifts for healing, channeling and purposeful manifestations. 

With Master Teacher, High Priestess, Starseed Messenger
Tiffany Tin

Join over 13,600+ starseeds, earth angels, alchemists all over the world through our online trainings and youtube channel to connect with your higher self, multidimensional guides and Akashic Memories

Angelic Light Codes Level 1

The Wing Makers Level 1 Online Training, work with 16 powerful light codes with the Seraphims 


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Activate your Inner Goddess

Healing and Channelling with the Divine Feminine in you


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Opening to Channel

Free Training to connect with your spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and animal totems


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Become a High Priestess

Comprehensive Online Training and Mentorship to become a Master Healer


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Angelic Light Codes Level 2

Be a Healer of Light Codes. The Wing Makers Level 2 Online Trai


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Angelic Light Codes Workshop

Free Workshop to help you learn how to work with angelic light codes


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Channel Light Languages

Bringers f Light Online training, sign up for the waitlist for the next semester


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Dragon Light Codes

Gridwork and Light Body Activations with Dragon Guides


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Free 3 Day Training Series

Opening to Channel with the Higher Realms

Heal and Empower Thyself


I'm Tiffany

An International Spiritual Healer, Renowned Master Teacher and High Priestess devoted to help women and men deeply heal and empower themselves through modern spiritual healing work to stand in their power and become the person they want to be. 


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Discover your Truth

With 100+ videos, my Youtube channel will activate you with spiritual healing, light language activations, cosmic knowledge about starseeds, spiritual guides, past lives remembrance and much more. There is something helpful for everyone.


Browse my playlists to find the perfect videos for you. 

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