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The Premier Online Training Program to Learn the 5 major lineages of Light Languages for Energy Healing, Light Body Activations and Life Transformation 

with Renowned Spiritual Teacher, High Priestess, Starseed Channel Tiffany Tin

Do you want to activate your light language?

Light language is a modality that anyone with a pure heart can learn to practice with the intention to send fourth love, light and healing vibrational energy medicine to oneself or others.

Light language has many applications and it’s very beautiful because it allows us to express our soul essence.

It goes beyond the limitations of linear language, I find that it can bypass the ego mind and connect with the heart and soul more deeply.

Your voice is a powerful energy center and many ancient traditions have often utilized the practice of mantras and songs for spiritual expansion and healing the soul, heart, mind and body.

Modern science also acknowledges the power of sound, our intention and thought forms.

What we chant, sing and speak, we become.

So many of us were conditioned to suppress our voices in our childhood. It’s time to heal these wounds and allow ourselves to speak our truth through the love from our hearts and wisdom from our soul.

Light language conveys a vibration of love and everyone’s light language is different and unique, thus honouring each person’s individuality. It is a spiritual art form.

After all, aren’t we all art pieces from the prime creator?

You don’t need to be a professional singer to use light language, because it is expressed through your soul and as you practice your voice will harmonize with the tones and frequencies.

You are not required to follow a set ‘song’ because you can express your own light language in ways that are comfortable for you.

I have been helping my private students activate their light language, and many reported that they have never experienced anything like this before. They felt free, like a part of your soul has returned to them.

And now, I invite you to join us on this journey.

Whether you want to learn light language for your own throat chakra healing or spiritual expansion, or you want to add another modality in your healing tool belt as a healer. This training program will help you achieve this goal.

Learn the 5 major lineages of light language: Dragons, Masters of Light, Angelic, Lemurian-Atlantean, Stargates.

Join practice sessions with Tiffany and other beautiful lightbringers!

This course is for pure hearted, light beings who are sensitive to energies.

My intention is to create a safe and non-judgemental space, thus respect, love and kindness is very important.

If you are ready to activate your light language, have faith in yourself and are feeling called to learn this modality, register below and let’s get started!


Benefits of light language:

Heal and Activate your Throat Chakra

Aligns your energy channels and centers

Connect to Source and express your light and love authentically

Be in touch with your creational power and higher self

Attune yourself to Source, or your guides

Strengthen your channelling abilities

Less demanding on your body because it doesn’t require a lot of energy or movement.

And You don’t have to be a super psychic to do light language :)


What is the course like?

The curriculum is broken down into two components.

PART 1 - Self Paced Study

The first part is called the initiation and in this part of your training you will learn about the foundations of becoming a light language Channeller. We will go over the guidelines of your practice how to activate your spiritual gifts and activating the frequencies of your soul song.

The journey is about being a practitioner on this path, as you elevate your consciousness and raise your vibration, you will need to do some inner work as blockages shows up. These sessions are important because they support you in releasing blockages that might be preventing you from activating your spiritual gifts. As bringers of light we embrace both the light, and the shadow aspects of ourselves.

The activations are designed to raise your vibration expands your consciousness and activate your light body. This will help strengthen your spiritual protection so that you can be a better channeller, especially when working with other people.

The lineages are the most exciting part of your training, this is where you will be working with high vibrational beings such as masters of light, angels, connecting with your Lemurian and Atlantean selves, Dragon guides, your multi dimensional star seeds selves or guides.

In the community section you will see short interviews of previous graduates sharing their experiences about their training learning about light language it is always helpful to see how other people have done it their stories how they have overcome their challenges and how they continue to move forward.

PART 2 - Access to Group Mentoring Sessions

The practice section contains access link to the Mentoring Sessions guided by Teacher Tiffany where you can receive feedback, support and guidance from your teacher. You will also have opportunities to connect and practice with other students.

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Curriculum Overview

1. The Initiation 


Precepts of channelling light language

Activate your 6 Channelling Powers

Vortex of Light Activation and Channel your Soul Song 


2. The Lineages

Masters of Light


Atlantean Lemurian

Celestial Elemental Dragons

Stargates (Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and more) 

2.2 Second Technique to Activate your Light Language 

2.3 Using Light Language for Energy Healing

2.4 How to Write Light Language


3. The Journey 

Throat Chakra healing Session

Soul Star Activation with your Higher Self

Activation of the Higher Heart

Qualities of Light and Karmic Cleansing Ceremony 


4. The Attunements

How to practice the attunements

Crystalline Ray

Magenta and Emerald Ray

Blue Ray

Ruby Ray

Golden Ray

Invocation Manual


5. The Mentoring and Practice Sessions

Access links and Recordings 


6. The Community

Join the community 

Interview with Mentors/Graduates 


7. How to receive your certificate 

Masterclass: How to work with clients

Instructions to receive your certificate 

This course includes:

1) Life Time Access to Course Materials.

2) 12 Group Mentoring Sessions with Tiffany (2 calls a month) All calls are optional, this is where you will where you can receive feedback, support and guidance from your teacher. Example Questions you can ask: Can you give me some feedback about my light language? How does my aura look like? What are some blockages that I can work on to help me become a better channeller?

If you cannot attend LIVE, you can submit your questions ahead of time and Tiffany will answer them in the recording.

  • Second Monday of the Month @ 11am EST / 8am PST / 4pm UK
  • Last Friday of the Month @ 4pm EST / 1pm PST / 9pm UK

  • Time Zone changes throughout the year, please double check your time zone


3) Bonus! Practice Sessions with Fellow Students These sessions are facilitated by Teacher Tiffany. This is where you can practice light language with other students, connect with like minded lightworkers and gain confidence in your channelling abilities. There is synergy in learning and practicing in a group setting. You will receive invitations to these practice sessions for a year, I host them 6 times a year. I try to schedule these at different times so students from different time zone can make it from time to time. For example, I will host one on a Saturday at 12:30pm EST, the next one will be on a Monday at 12pm EST, next one on a Friday at 10am EST, or 3pm EST. Email invitations will be sent to your email inbox by my admin team a few days before the session.

4) Certificate of Completion This is also optional. You can submit a recording of your light language (detailed instructions are provided in the course) and receive a certificate to recognize your training.

5) Private Facebook Group with fellow students and Email Support with Teacher Tiffany


Optional support -- Tiffany's private sessions has a 2 year waitlist, however she carves out several openings each week available only to students. It's completely optional, yet helpful in case you’d like an in depth channelling session with Tiffany every once in a while.

Bringer of Light Certification - Blank.png


Paid in Full $185 USD


2 monthly payments of $100 USD

For Financial assistance, please contact me here

HOW TO START: Please click on the 'Sign me Up!' buttons to learn more about the curriculum, once payment is processed, Teachable will prompt you to create an account. You will be able to access materials right away. Within 1-2 business days of signing up, I will send you a welcome email with the dates of your upcoming mentoring sessions. 


I look forward to meet you in this course!



Hear what our students has to say about their experience:
"It was so surprising for me!! 🤣 Right after completing Bringers of Light, I started a program to develop my clairs more. I have been opening up my clairvoyance too, and it's SUPER FUN!!"
"Tiffany thank you so much 
meeting you and doing your course has been a highlight for me  I really really enjoyed your course"
"i have to say your teaching and who u are i was able to learn and you put me
at so much ease and the confidence  with in me. you touched me l
like no other teach has so big big thank you again" 
"Your encouragement and loving support is such a gift and incredibly motivating! I look forward to continued experiences and classes with you. Your guidance as a mentor and teacher has been such a blessing."


“The best course of the year 2022! If you want to go in-depth and really advance in your spiritual abilities, work with Tiffany! Her courses provides both strong original practical tools as well spiritual initiation with powerful Master field Tiffany holds for you during the course. Waiting for the new possibilities to learn with Tiffany! Thankfully, Daiga (Latvia)”

"Working with Tiffany is hands down one of the most precious blessings of my life. Whether in private sessions or in class, she always shows up with the most radiant presence, embodying kindness and wisdom for all involved. When she holds space for us, I feel so safe and truly cared for to dive deep into my wounds, or soar up to new realms of consciousness that are unknown to me beforehand with confidence and groundedness. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to connect with the Seraphim hierarchy of Light. The Wingmaker series broadened my horizon, empowered me to live my life with more enthusiasm and fed my geeky side since Tiffany and my classmates are so supportive and knowledgeable. I will definitely take practice seriously (a lot of material to go over) and enroll in more classes when the time is right. __Rubi Do Trinh"


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