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Dear Priestess, ​

It's time to Powerfully Access your Spiritual Gifts, create a thriving, impactful and fulfilling conscious career in alignment with your Soul’s Mission! 

This is the year for you to live BOLDER, shine your LIGHT and say yes to upleveling your healing and channelling abilities! 


Share your Divine Feminine Magic, Learn how to Use them to Serve your Clients at a deeper level to catalyze life changing transformations.


LIVE with passion, purpose and prosperity NOW, not next year, someday, one day or never. 

Walk the priestess path and Rise as a PRIESTESS of LIGHT!

Enter a path of service as a Spiritual Healer 

The Premier Priestess Training and Certification Program for Heart Centered Spiritual Women to Access Your Healing and Channelling Powers and Create a Fulfilling, Impactful and Successful Business.

Access your spiritual abilities with the most comprehensive priestess training online program available to you now. With self paced video classes, group practices and private mentorship, the support that you need to become a skillful and respected healer is here in the High Priestess Ascension® Academy. 


Our down to Earth, practical approach helped our students understand what and how to use their spiritual gifts in their own life and as a healer. No more second guessing your soul purpose or your channeling abilities because the High Priestess Ascension Academy is designed to help you gain real results from your channeling abilities. 


In 6 months from now, you will be able to channel with spirit guides with confidence and clarity as a priestess of light, all while helping other people communicate with their guides too. It’s a win-win situation for you, your clients and the spirit guides. 

Channeling is a skill that anyone can learn, it is accessible to you too. What you need is some fine tuning and guidance for your potential to fully express itself. It’s time to rise as a priestess powerfully now. 

Have you ever lay in bed at night watching spiritual youtube videos and wonder to yourself.. I wish I can channel spirit guides and share their messages verbally too! 

You know manifesting and healing is possible for everyone, including yourself. But right now you can’t help but feel like you need some guidance, someone to hold your hand and give you that little boost that you need to get your spiritual confusion into a state of spiritual clarity. 

What are my gifts? How do I use them? I know I am here for a bigger purpose, so why am I laying in bed wondering, I sense and feel things but how do I do this on demand?

It’s about time you could dial in to your guides and channel with them when you need it. 


When you learn how to channel and access higher information, such as light codes, messages and past lives memories. You are sitting at the same table as your guides, not running after them, not texting them wondering where are you guys right now when I need you?! 

This is you, in your power, knowing and living in a divine partnership with the higher realm. 


Imagine being able to channel on demand, knowing how to ask for guidance and healing and what to do with these messages from your guides so you can practically integrate them into your life, for your own empowerment, and also for your clients, future students and even people in your social circle who are beginning to wake up.

Right now, it feels like you’re stuck somewhere between the 3rd and 5th dimensions. And this is not a good feeling, it’s like being a yo-yo, your higher self is pulling you upwards - ‘cmom girl let’s go! It’s time to ascend! You are meant to be a healer, a teacher, a lighthouse for people!’ You already know this deep in your heart, you feel it, you know it. 


Come to think of it, when you think about what it would feel like to finally put down those less than perfect expectations of yourself, you can see your future self even clearer. But right now that feels so far away. 

You know it’s possible to create a life that aligns with your values, beliefs, purpose and abundance. To have more flexibility when it comes to your schedule, work with coworkers, clients and students who are light workers just like yourself. But how do you get there? 

What if you could wake up everyday excited to talk about spirituality, self healing, without needing to pretend who you are not in order to fit into the cold-soul sucking office vibes? You know what I’m saying? Most of us who are doing this full time are corporate dropouts :) At one point in my life I realized even though I wear brand name clothes and high heels like the other successful ladies in the corporate and clinics that I worked at, it felt like an empty shell… The day I left my corporate job, I felt so liberated. I wore simple makeup, soft cozy white long dresses and that was the day I started to reclaim my priestess status. It was the day I sent my higher self a text saying *ding ding* I’m here! Priestess reporting for duty! 


So for a moment, stop what you are doing and ask yourself, how would your life change if you could be a paid full time lightworker? Because right now, you’re not living your life the way you know it’s possible? Why? Because you have the HEART, the INTENT and the GENUINE urge to help people during this ascension time, you want to help people heal. You are not in this just for the money, you are a REAL HEART CENTERED LIGHTWORKER. 


Why would a starseed, an earth angel like yourself come to this planet, if you are meant to just be stuck in the matrix? Of course not. You are here to create something impactful, you are here to help humanity ascend by guiding and teaching them how to do their INNER WORK. 

When you really tune into your heart, you know that you are a Healer. You've come to help this planet NOW.

You’re starting to realize that you don’t see yourself in your current job for the rest of your life. (Cold, ego filled corporate offices?) 

Or maybe your current career is fine (being a teacher, a nurse, psychotherapist, massage therapist, etc) but you WANT SOMETHING MORE. (I know some of you are already doing energy healing on people and don’t even fully know it, so why keep it hidden? Branch out more, offer more modalities to your clients!) 


You see a button ‘More options!” and you want to press it. 


Lately, it’s becoming clearer than ever that we don’t have a lot of time left… ascension is happening now, time is going by faster and faster. 


Deep down you feel like you are finally ready to give yourself a chance to experience what you can create for yourself, your family, in this life.

Imagine what it would be like to lead your own healing circles, teach your own meditation classes, have your clients genuinely thank you for changing their lives for the better. 


Life just in every way, everyday, gets better and better. 


When you see the successful, activated lightworkers out there, you KNOW it’s time your turn to shine. 


You’ve reached the point where you KNOW this is possible for you priestess, that clarion call your soul is yearning to experience through you can no longer be suppressed or denied. And there’s no better time than now. 


You know thinking about it or planning it out by yourself hasn’t worked before. And you are ready to do whatever it takes to be a healer, be a priestess and work your magic

Just like you, I have gone through so much trauma, and spent many years working on myself. 

And through my own journey through hell and back, it become laser clear to me that my soul’s mission is to help Heart Centered Spiritual Women become Empowered High Priestesses by unleashing their inherent spiritual gifts, Create a Fulfilling, Impactful and Successful Business with Purpose, Passion and Fire!​

It lifts me up when I see women in my priestesshood RISE into their divine feminine powers and that I had the honour to be their healer, teacher and catalyst.

I also know what it’s like to build a healing business from scratch.

I had to breakthrough a lot of limiting beliefs about money and let go of the stories in my head that feeds into the ‘not enoughness’, doubts and the opinions of my friends and family.

I spent years training with different healers, masters. Built a growing Youtube channel from 0 to 13k. Some years doubled and tripled my income. It was not easy at all, it takes discipline, hard work and FIRE like a dragon. It all started when I gave myself permission to THRIVE as an Empowered Priestess

I experienced a RAPID ASCENSION that catapulted me to prosperity and opportunities beyond what I had imagined and manifested a profitable business.


There's room for all of us, each healer is different, it doesn't matter how many people are out there already, there is only ONE you! 

My lightwork now brings in the abundance that I need to fund charity projects, the freedom to manage my own time and a respectable reputation that draws in referrals every week. It is my wish for you to experience your inherent powers exponentially and skyrocket your success too. 

When a woman is empowered, she heals herself, her family, and the whole planet. 

Being a Priestess of Light is a sacred path. This is not about grow fast and get rich, we welcome lightworkers who are dedicated and committed to their long term visions for the betterment of humanity. 

Healers and Lightworkers ARE ABUNDANT, WORTHY, LOVED and so SUPPORTED!

Divine Woman, it is time to awaken your inherent power and to SHOW UP, STAND UP and SPEAK UP without apologies, excuses, shame, guilt or judgement.

Right now, deep within your heart, there is a yearning for more impact, income and magic from LIFE!

Something is calling you to be BOLDER than you know yourself to be and live with authentic passion and purpose.


You are ready to release suffering, struggle and stagnancy and step in to your Divine Feminine Power.

You are committed to live with purpose so you can wake up feeling fulfilled and radiate love and abundant!

It’s time for the divine feminine IN YOU to RISE, Priestess!

Every single cell in your body is asking you to FREE yourself from mental limitations and emotional pain from the past and commit to your soul purpose of being a women empowerment leader!

When one woman rises, she empowers all others around her.

So now the question is HOW?

How to do you shift from the limitations of your past to the possibility of your future?

The High Priestess Ascension® Academy Online Training and Certification Program was created specifically to equip you with the spiritual advancement, skillset mastery and business strategies to help you actualize your soul's mission.

High Priestess Ascension 

The Premier Priestess Online Training and Certification Program for Heart Centered Spiritual Women to Access Your Healing and Channelling Powers and Create a Fulfilling, Impactful and Successful Business.

Unleash Your Inherent Priestess Powers, RISE as an Empowered Lightworker and Create a Fulfilling Business with Success and Lifestyle Freedom in alignment with your Soul’s Mission! 

After taking this Program, you will: 

  • Sit down with your clients and give them potent healing sessions that alters their future because you know how to go deep to really help them get down to business. 

  • Channel messages from their High Self that makes them go 'WOW that resonates so much! This session has helped me so much!'

  • Channel and integrate with the Goddess Archetypes - the Empress, the Priestess, the Lover, the Warrior, the Wild Woman and the Mother

  • Release emotional pain and mental limitations so you can show up as a High Priestess

  • Moving forward from doubts to deeply trusting in your spiritual, intuitive and empathic abilities

  • Ignite a new found level of love for yourself and inspire your loved ones

  • Learn powerful techniques to deeply heal and transform your emotional body and mental limitations through inner child work

  • Read, Activate and Purify Past Lives multidimensionally to deeply ACTIVATE your high priestess consciouness

  • Open your spiritual channels and third eye to communicate with your spirit guides with clarity​

  • Channel Light Language and harness the power of your voice to heal people and yourself ​

  • Learn how to work with Light Codes, Light Weaving, Bioplasma 

  • Offer Advanced Energy Healing to yourself and your loved ones

  • Learn how to Read Auras, Chakras and learn how to keep your energetic field light and healthy

  • Radical Self Love Sacred Rituals and Practices to elevate your energy level and uplift your vibration

  • Learn how to perform Shadow Work and Ego Transcendence to release mental and emotional blockages

  • Launch and grow your spiritual healing business with a sustainable income generating structure, you will learn to implement all my secrets and strategies of how I generate 5-10k months consistently.

  • Learn Conscious Content Creation for more views, reach and grow a big audience without posting like a mad woman everyday.

  • You will receive techniques and Fill-in TEMPLATES - such as my top selling sold out workshops, sales pages, social media posts. Save yourself a lot of time by knowing what to write for your posts, no more sitting and staring at a blank screen, get weeks of content done in a day. This alone is priceless and will give you a lot of headaches.

  • Learn how to sell offers with integrity and confidence like a true leader

  • Learn how to position yourself so that you can have flexibility, passive income and work from anywhere in the world

'The High Priestess Ascension Academy program is a must take for any one who wants to become a healer, or simply even for spiritual seekers who want to heal themselves. I feel beyond blessed to have been aligned with such an amazing international spiritual healer as my teacher.


Throughout the program, I never ceased to be amazed at how well Tiffany explains all the content on both the spiritual side AND the business side! It’s such a gift to have a business mentor and spiritual teacher all in one ✨💜 No words can even explain how incredibly thorough this course is, you have to try it out yourself!!

Tiffany’s program promised and taught me more than I could have expected and gave me all the tools that I needed, and more, to make the changes I want to see in the world, starting with myself :) Thank you Tiffany!! I can’t believe that I’m seeing my dreams come true so soon! ✨✨💖 I’m quite sure there’s no other program like this, so don’t miss out!' - Irene C. Aurora Insights

Check out what's included in the High Priestess Ascension® Academy

Feature 1: Self Paced Training Videos 

With over 300+ videos on topics ranging (too many to list here!) from aura reading, how to channel with guides, how to read past lives, how to work with light codes, activate your light language, heal the inner child, womb healing, and much much more… 

Modern priestesses are busy women. We are not just sitting in a temple anymore, we have kids, we have partners, we have houses to clean… learn at your convenience. 


Feature 2: Group practice sessions 


This is so important, priestess. In fact, so important that this is one of my students favourite part of the academy. We get together to practice channelling and healing skills. I will teach you how to read auras, received messages for people, see their light body and so much more. If you want to master a skill, you have to practice. 


Feature 3: Private sessions with your Teacher Tiffany 


Every priestess is different, you are unique and your abilities are unique to you. That’s why you need one on one support from a teacher that cares about you, know how to help you work on your spiritual abiltiies and business. Because this is not a one size fits all solution, there has to be a section where it’s personalize to you. Some prioesteses are seers, some feel things, some hear things, some know things, so it’s important your teacher knows what she is doing so she can help you! In these sessions, I will help you gain more information on what are you gifts, who are your guides, how to advance your gifts, and set up your business for success. 


Feature 4: Practicum with fellow priestesses


Exchange sessions with fellow priestesses will further your understanding of your abilities and create friendships with like minded women. This is where the magic happens, a lot of priestesses realize what they want to offer in their business from exchanging with other students. 


Feature 5: I’ve done it. 


If you want to be a successful healer with a thriving business, you have to learn from those who have done it. Most business coaches out there who won’t even understand what you do, if they don’t understand what energy work is, how are they supposed to help you set up your business? I’ve invested in my self and my business, probably spent over 80k in total, and everyday I take new courses to enrich my knowledge so I can continue to offer support to my students. This is very important to me and I feel it is part of my responsibility as a teacher and healer. I’ve grown my youtube channel from 0 to 13k without ads. I know the goods, and the struggles of walking this path. If you tell me you are scared to make your first video, I will help you process these fears, release them and give you practical guidance to set you up for success (it took me 20 takes to put out my first video! I know what it is like) I can support you and move forward together. 


Feature 6: Golden Opportunities 


Because I’m already established in this industry, I can help you out. If I ever run a summit for example, I would invite my students to teach or help facilitate. If you have an offer, you can share it with my audience. Not many coaches offer this, so this is really valuable as a sprouting healer to put your foot in the door. 

And on top of that, you will also get: 

Bonus 1: Spot light on our official website 

We have an official website where you will be offered a spot to showcase your bio and contact links. 


Bonus 2: Certification 

You will receive a certification upon completing your training, frame it in gold and place it in your success direction! 

Your Training & Transformation Starts Now

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 11.28.32
Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 11.28.14
Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 11.27.29

You could keep watching youtube videos on your own to figure things out 


But channelling and energy healing needs to be done properly and free resources are usually not enough (Would you go to a doctor or chiropractor if they told you they didn’t receive proper training and learn for free on youtube? I hope not!! We owe it to our clients to receive proper training


You could wait another year to start this path 


But so many things happen in life, why wait another year if you can jumpstart now? I invite you to put yourself first, when you activate yourself, everything around you becomes better. Your kids are happier, your love life blossoms, your wounds turn into wisdom. The real question really is..  Isn’t it time to enter the final frontier :) the spiritual realm? (Yes this is a reference from StarTrek!) Just waiting for you to say *Engage!* and forward we go! 


You could get a $7 dollar udemy course here and there… 


But how confident will you really feel knowing that’s your foundation? We don’t know what we don’t know, invest in ourselves first, walk the talk, we can’t expect our clients to invest in us if we don’t even invest in ourselves. These introductory courses are great to get you started, or to test your interest in these topics, but if you are serious, be serious and committed. Take action as a priestess and the universe will respond to you.

Investing in your education, skills and training is one of the most important decisions of your growth, I have a genuine heart to help support you. Pick the right mentor, who has the same values as you do. If you have been seeing me on Youtube for years now, you can see that my students and viewers love my content, the way I teach, and that I truly care about the peopleI work with. You need these qualities when looking for a teacher whose intention is to help you grow and see you succeed. 

Life is exciting when you grow, this is what HPAA will offer you

With over 300 Training Classes Curriculum Overview

Click here to see the 300+ Training Videos Curriculum

From Inner Child Work, Womb Healing, Aura Cleansing, Past Lives Readings, Starseed Activations, Light Codes, Light Language, I've got you Priestess. 

Life time Access to: 

  • 300+ classes on important teachings about healing and channelling, authentic business execution such as: 

    •  Inner Child Healing 

    • Channelling Spirit Guides

    • Light Language 

    • Light Codes 

    • Past Lives Readings

    • Advanced Energy Healing Techniques

    • Starseed Activations 

    • House Clearing

    • Light Body Activations 

    • Womb Healing 

    • How to work with clients

    • How to facilitate a powerful session

    • Marketing, Copy Writing, Content Creation 

    • New classes added biweekly (Have a topic that you want to learn? Request to Tiffany) 

  • Group Sessions 2 times every month to practice and hone your channelling and healing skills 

  • Private Sessions  

    • 3x 60 mins Private High Priestess Ascension Healing Session with me to help you access your gifts and learn how to use them.

    • 6x 30mins Business Coaching Sessions to build out your brand, offers and marketing materials. I will help you with your online course creation, workshop creation, social media posts ready for your launch depending on your business plan.


  • 'Priestess of Light' Certification upon completion 10 practicum sessions with your fellow priestesses or clients and a listing spot on the official academy website

Investment in your education: 

$2500 USD Paid in Full

Payment Plan Available

I want to join, what is the onboarding process? 

If you are an existing client or student ready to join, simply click on the 'Sign Up' button below. It will prompt you to create an account through Teachable, you will have access to the materials and I will be personally reaching out to help you get started. 

For first time students or if you want to meet with me first before officially signing up, you can book a consultation here

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Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 7.30.02 PM.png
Image (1).jpeg

I learned SO much because of her! I felt so supported, encouraged and felt so much love and compassion. Tiffany really cares about your wellbeing and works hard to empower her clients. 


I could list a whole bunch of ways that I've evolved, ascended and broken through old patterns because of working with Tiffany, but these are the two of the biggest: 

I now trust so much in my own intuition and capacity to heal myself, others, and get through anything. 

My connection to and relationship with my inner child is thriving and it's made such a huge impact on my life.

I now believe so much in my own intuition and capacity as a healer. I don't doubt myself anymore and I'm able to serve others in a way that's very aligned with my soul purpose. 


I was able to deepen my connection to Spirit tenfold since I started working with Tiffany. I discovered this powerful connection I have to Mother Earth, my Higher Self and my ability to channel.

Why work with Tiffany?

  • There are many healers in the world but not everyone has a genuine heart to help their students become as successful as they are. My wish is for my students to become more successful than me, thus I do not hold back information or knowledge that I have seen some teachers do to their students.


  • There are many people out there who knows how to heal, but might not know HOW to TEACH it. I am very blessed that I have the skills and the talent to teach and ACTIVATE students. I have years of experiences teaching and have proven positive results with clients and students. I'm often booked weeks ahead and have many returning clients who refers their friends and family. 

  • I work very hard and all of my students can say that I give so much to them. Many have said that they chose me because of my genuine heart and truly care about them.


  • I'm not perfect and am always open to share my journey and mistakes so my students can learn from me. I like teachers who are authentic and I strive to do the same. I believe having good values and honour is very important as a high priestess.


  • The High Priestess Ascension Academy is an investment that's really really reasonable for what we offer. I have spent over $60k in my own learning, plus 7 years of running a spiritual business. If you visit my facebook page you can see that I have done hundreds of workshops, classes, in persona and online. This academy was what I needed when I first started. Module 1 alone I paid $2k USD to learn. If you want to build a business that generates $3-10k a month, investing $2k into your skills and training with ongoing support totally makes sense so you can have someone to ask questions, heal yourself and provide your clients with quality care.


  • I wanted to create a school and support network that offers both spiritual and business training because most of the time you only get one and not both. I had business coaches who had no understanding of my work, and thus could not support me the way I needed. In HPAA, you will work with me :) who is an experienced healer and have build her abundant business from good work ethics and being integral.

Your Goddess Archetypes

After you log into the HPAA, you will begin the Initiation Module. You will learn how to set up your altar, activate your priestess consciousness. After that, there are Foundational Modules to help you access your spiritual gifts. Let's briefly take a took at these Archetypes.

The Divine Mother

Learn with Ascended Masters such as Mother Kwan Yin, we have classes on channelling her powerful light codes, such as the pink lotus, white dragon, and opalline. These codes have different applications, some are for healing, some for activations and some for upgrading the light body. Get ready Priestess, your vibration is going to rapidly increase. 

Another important technique is learning how to do shadow work and inner child work. You will learn how to heal the emotional body with the OCA technique. 

I will also give you books and valuable resources to understand how to support your clients' healing journey. 


The Sacred Lover

In this Module you will learn how to facilitate womb healing for yourself and others using 4 different powerful techniques


Learn how to help yourself and your clients release and remove emotional blockages, learn to love ourselves better and more deeply. We talk about how to use energy work when it comes to fibroids, PMS pain, etc. 

You will learn how to understand Dosha (Innate nature) so you can care for your body in accordance to its elements. 

Breath work and moon cycles, movements that can help heal the womb. 


The High Priestess 

Healing is not about forgetting or bypassing. It’s in fact, melting down the resistance or blockages you are feeling with LOVE to resolve, renew and integration.


You will learn how to use an invocation, perform a cleansing ceremony, facilitate powerful meditations, how to activate the light body, cord cutting, soul retrieval, connect with your spirit guides and so much more. 

This module is all about channelling. 


The Empowered Empress

This module is about setting up your business that work for you.

The first step is getting your vibration in alignment. There are powerful activations to help you attune your consciouness into the empowered empress frequency. 

I will share with you how to use tools to increase your success on Youtube, how to write sales pages, websites, your instagram profile, create your online course, launch templates, how to build your tribe, my best selling workshops and how to make it your own. The list goes on...

Our muse for the Queen archetype is Cleopatra. She was intelligent, resourceful and loved by her people. You too can rise into your inherent divine femme powers and build your legacy with integrity, love and unlimited abundance. 

Pink Sugar Texture

The Wild Woman

This module is about energy healing.


You will receive your Reiki level 1 and 2 certification here. 

We will also talk about different breath work techniques, when and how to use them. These are great to help your clients get grounded at the start of a session, release stuck energies, or simply helpful to connect to the body during a workshop. 

You will get a copy of my Energy Recharge Kit, for inspiration in your own practice. I will teach you how to make resources like these for your business to help your clients. 

Gold Fabric

The Warrior Goddess

You are the CEO of your life now, Priestess. Women have always led energetically and spiritually. You may be suppressing your assertiveness because deep inside there is a part of you that is afraid of rejection and judgement. Swing that pendulum back into the middle because you don’t need to be manipulating, aggressive to get what you need.


Find your authentic voice and breakthrough challenges with strength and courage. When you play small you are not doing yourself (or other women) a favour, all the women in your life wants you to RISE.  


Dive deep and and consciously connect with all aspects of yourself, own your voice and your divine femme power in your own unique ways now!


Before I met you, I knew that I was ready to grow and that I had the ability to be more open spiritually, but I didn't know how. 
I had been going through so much, so when I would come I just wanted to 

let out all this stuff I was carrying. You were so attentive and present and 

after our healing sessions my life, and my family have improved drastically. 
I am more open, I am more in tune, I see the messages and I am getting 

more clear on their meanings and what spirit needs me to know.

There were so many (Ah-Ha moments) - but one of the biggest 

was when I connected to my angle wings and my higher self and was able to settle some issues. Also, the Akashic reading was incredible and not only 

helped me clear some karma, but also helped my son.
Tiffany helped me reach a spiritual level that I didn't know existed, to open my heart to such a beautiful experience of light. It was truly amazing. 

- Edie, Astrologer, Teacher

If you want to become a yoga teacher, you have to receive training at a yoga school. To work with people's energy field is a highly attuned honour and practice, ensuring you receive a high quality and comprehensive training is important as a practitioner. Invest in your training, serve your clients well and get the support that you need as a skillful healer. 


It's time to Unleash Your Inherent Priestess Powers, RISE as an Empowered Empress and Create a Thriving Meaningful Business with Success and Lifestyle Freedom in alignment with your Soul’s Mission! 


Abundance is the natural state of your being, Divine Lightworker. It is a symptom of ascension, a result of you aligning to your soul’s purpose, claiming your inherent powers while implementing practical spirituality with and unique strategy and branding that speak to the souls of your beloved clients. 


I ACTIVATE women and men who don’t want to work for someone’s else dream and are READY to invest in themselves and future. 


You have done the work. You have taken countless of courses and workshops. 

You have invested the time and energy and now you are ready to RECEIVE and SERVE at a higher level! 


This is a choice point, Priestess. 

Fill your day with work that drives you, motivates you, fulfills you and nourishes you on all levels. 


When you make the decision to invest in yourself, your skills and your business. You MANIFEST epic transformations not only in your life, but globally. 

The high priestess path is sacred, with responsibilities for self healing and awareness. It will uplift you, challenge you and ultimately fulfill you in many ways. 


It will take your courage and trust and determination to progress towards your goal of becoming a healer. We would like to keep the environment light, positive and encouraging to each other. 

Please feel free to take time to feel into this to make sure this is the right path for you, once I accept a student I give my 100% and hope that my student will honour that as well. 

If this is the path you choose, you have my devotional support as your guide and mentor. 


I know this is what your soul deeply desires. It’s time to do it! 

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