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Get a Frequency Upgrade

Sacred Healing Vortex

for Empaths, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Loving Souls

In your private session you can experience...

Akashic Records Readings

Past Lives Healing

Channeling with your Spirit Guides

Light Body Activations 

Starseed Activation Journey 

Inner Child Healing 

Ego Alchemy

Soul Retrieval

Etheric Cord Cutting

Entities or Implant Removal 

Tao Source Healing

Energy Healing

Light Language Activation

Light Codes Attunements

Want to work with me?

Let's book in a private session so I can get to know your needs better. We will also come up with a treatment plan and map out your next steps to move forward in life! 


Price Menu: 

90mins CAD $150 (Includes all Modalities stated above - main purpose is for healing, channelling, activations) 

Package of 4x 90 mins sessions CAD $555 

60mins CAD $120

Click the button below to send a request for an online appointment. You will be directed to my calendar to choose a time slot that works for you. A confirmation email will be sent to you after the booking. Looking forward to work with you!

Light and Love, 


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