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Free 5 day stress reduction meditation course mindfulness made simple

Break Out of Repeating Patterns

A 5-Day Stress Reduction Series 

In This FREE 2-hour Introduction to Shadow Work Course, I’ll Show You…

  • How to pin point your negative core beliefs, shedding light on them so that you can release yourself from its control 

  • How to process difficult feelings and emotions using OCA techniques 

  • How to repattern your mindset and create a new reality using the power of the law of attraction and understanding the law of magnetism 

  • Guided Golden Soul Retrieval Meditation 

Your Soul Light Journey Starts Here!

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What is Shadow Work?

Shadow Work is a form of light work, it is making the “unconscious” conscious. It is finding the resistance vibration within you that is currently not aligned to source energy.


When we first came into this world, we were born pure and light. As we began to develop in all sorts of social, cultural conditioning, we unintentionally learned to reject parts of ourselves. As a result of suppressing our needs and our innate nature in order to fit in, to be loved and feel connected, it is causing us pain, fears, dissociation, isolation, need for external approval, reinforcing negative core beliefs, feelings of anger, guilt, shame and powerlessness. We slowly begin to remember that we are a physical manifestation of the universe, and one of our main purposes here is to expand and grow.


In truth, there are no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ in the universe. At the highest level of the universe, all is one. In our current reality, there is an illusion of separation in order for us to learn about oneness. Contrast allows us to learn the full spectrum of this universe, to harmonize the duality of energies and propels us on the ascension process.


To realign with source energy, we can do shadow work to release this internal resistance in a gentle and powerful way. Using our triggers, or intense emotional response, we can allow them to be our guide – a golden thread that leads us back in alignment source.


In my perspective, our feelings are our internal GPS system, a way for our higher self to let us that know we have deviated from our innate soul expression. 


“What we resist, persists” 


Shadow work heals by drawing the light of our consciousness and illuminating our blind spots. The first step towards full integration is awareness. Instead of resisting our feelings and emotions, we dive into our emotional body by creating a safe space and begin a self exploration journey that will help you find answers that you have been seeking, release inhibiting fears and emotional pain and embody your soul purpose with a new found level of consciousness. 


Benefits of Healing with Shadow Work: 

- Learn an integral process of mindfulness, meditation, regression and modern day soul retrieval 

- Learn tangible tools and techniques to release all types of blockages or unwanted repeating patterns

- Learn how to navigate negative emotions and triggers to take your power back from inhibiting fears

- Learn how to release resistance to feelings and emotions

- Be the light of your life and step closer towards enlightenment 

- Feel confident in making decisions 

- Remove internal blocks towards achieving their dreams 

- To feel positive emotions fully and lessen anger, sadness and frustration 

Meet Your Facilitator

Certified Meditation Facilitator

Tiffany Tin, Founder of My Inner Temple

Reiki Master Level Teacher

Spiritual Intuitive Healer

Certified CP Shadow Work Practitioner

Conscious Living Coach

Certified Meditation, Kundalini and Chakra Facilitator 

Hi there! I'm Tiffany! 

Cultivating mindfulness has changed my life and I know it will serve you greatly as well. This is a tool that is available to anyone and I am very excited to share my knowledge with you! 

And in case we haven’t met before, here’s a little bit about me... it’s nice to know about your facilitator :) 

I am an intuitive healer who leads conscious events, healing workshops, restorative retreats and spiritual webinars. I help people who are ready to release past trauma, overcome inhibiting emotional pain and fears to thrive towards a fulfilling life with success, confidence, authenticity and inner happiness. 

I put myself back together after a very difficult childhood, trapped in many abusive relationships and resolved my emotional trauma from an assault while struggling with depression and anxiety for years. I went through years of therapy on my journey, even so... I felt that there was a missing link... 

I found the last piece of puzzle that was missing and aligned myself to a thriving heart centered practice, supportive relationships and being truly happy with who I am. Now, I am here to help you do the same. 

This is my humble from-the-heart story... Thank you for your interest and allowing me to be part of your journey :)

Happy practice!

Learn more about me, my workshops and practice 

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