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Be Healed and Empowered

Reiki Level 1, 2 Master Certification Programs

[How-To heal and empower yourself and others]


Hundreds of people are empowered by becoming a Reiki healer. Everyone is capable of self healing and you might be feeling the call to heal others. Aside from learning how to harness the universal life force energy to heal yourself and others, you will also learn how to connect with your higher self, how to open your third eye, how to read auras, how to open your spiritual channels and much more.


This program includes: - In person classroom training, manual, certificate, online supplementary content, a free one hour private appointment. Join me in my beautiful indoor garden sanctuary and unleash the master healer within. 

Mirror Meditation with Inner Child

There comes a time along our awakening journey that we must illuminate our shadows with the light of our consciousness. In these workshops I will help you dive into your subconscious to put yourself back together again, to integrate from past experiences so that you can feel whole again.


In shadow work, we embrace whatever is arising and address our challenges effectively. What we resist will persist, this means we do not abandon ourselves, our inner child and our ego. We find ways to resolve inhibitions and move forward in a healthy and balanced manner. 


There are 4 different workshops under the umbrella of shadow work: Inner Child Connection, Inception, Integration and Inner Alchemy. 

Starseeds Activations

Starseeds are souls that have agreed to reincarnate on Earth with a specific mission - to usher the next wave of consciousness expansion in humanity and to bring forth galactic frequencies towards full disclosure. 

Are you a Starseed? Watch this Video to Find Out...

Thai Massage Infused Meditation Class

I LOVE facilitating these classes!! Mellow out on pillows and blankets, healing music playing in the background, candlelight and coloured lights bringing you into a deep state of relaxation, receive a massage to release tension and pain, refresh your senses with essential oils. Enjoy a herbal tea before or after class, wow what else can you ask for? Can I be a recipient of this class too? 😍 Wed 7-8:30pm @Temple Vortex

[Register In Advance to Make Sure You Have a Spot!]

How to See, Read and Heal the Aura

Everyone has an aura and each person’s aura has a unique frequency. Contrary to common beliefs, aura reading is a skill that you can harness and acquire. By raising your vibration, opening your chakra system and with some dedicated practice, anyone can harness the ability to see the aura. 

We are all forms of energy, your aura speaks a lot about you. Your auric field is never stationary, it is dynamic and it is more than just one colour. It also reflects the health and different aspects of an individual in terms of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. 

A strong auric field will make you less influenced by outside forces, increase vitality and energy, and give you the ability to deflect negative energies and protect your energy level. When you have a strong and healthy aura, people will notice the difference and become more attracted to you as you allow yourself to shine brightly. 

In this 4 hour interactive workshop, you will learn:
- What is the aura
- Learning to see and feel the aura
- How to measure auric field 
- How to use divination tools such as the pendulum and dowsing rods 
- Reading the colours of the aura and their meanings
- How to cleanse, strengthen and protect your auric field

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