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Inner Alchemy Workshops

Embody your Authentic Self

A Transformative Journey into Self Love, Trust & Acceptance

Shadow Work is the vital piece of puzzle that you need to progress to wholeness and completion. 

Having gone through years of inner struggles, depression, anxiety, low self esteem, therapy and trauma, I looked for ways to heal myself. Even after meditation and yoga I still felt that there is a missing link...shadow work was the last piece of puzzle that I needed and the secret as I have discovered, lies in our subconscious.


We must learn how to enter the our subconscious and illuminating it with the light of consciousness. It is by respecting the power of our shadows that we become healed, empowered and enlightened. I have worked with hundreds of people and the benefits of shadow work is immense and life changing.

I regularly offer a series of Workshops in Toronto, these are held in small groups with interactive exercises, guided healing meditations and a transformative learning experience. They can be taken in any order, for maximum effect I do recommend taking all 3 workshops to understand the application of these methods, techniques and learning how to integrate them into your daily lives. 

Connecting with your Inner Child for Authentic Self Love

How to Heal the Emotional Body 

Releasing Fears from the Mental Body 

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What is Shadow Work?

Shadow Work is a form of light work, it is making the “unconscious” conscious. It is finding the resistance vibration within you that is currently not aligned to source energy. When we first came into this world, we were born pure and light. As we began to develop in all sorts of social, cultural conditioning, we unintentionally learned to reject parts of ourselves. As a result of suppressing our needs and our innate nature in order to fit in, to be loved and feel connected, it is causing us pain, fears, dissociation, isolation, need for external approval, reinforcing negative core beliefs, feelings of anger, guilt, shame and powerlessness. 

We slowly begin to remember that we are a physical manifestation of the universe, and one of our main purposes here is to expand and grow. In truth, there are no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ in the universe. At the highest level of the universe, all is one. In our current reality, there is an illusion of separation in order for us to learn about oneness. Contrast allows us to learn the full spectrum of this universe, to harmonize the duality of energies and propels us on the ascension process. To realign with source energy, we can do shadow work to release this internal resistance in a gentle and powerful way. 

Using our triggers, or intense emotional response, we can allow them to be our guide – a golden thread that leads us back in alignment source. In my perspective, our feelings are our internal GPS system, a way for our higher self to let us that know we have deviated from our innate soul expression. 

“What we resist, persists” 

Shadow work heals by drawing the light of our consciousness and illuminating our blind spots. The first step towards full integration is awareness. Instead of resisting our feelings and emotions, we dive into our emotional body by creating a safe space and begin a self exploration journey that will help you find answers that you have been seeking, release inhibiting fears and emotional pain and embody your soul purpose with a new found level of consciousness. 

Benefits of Healing with Shadow Work: 
- Learn an integral process of mindfulness, meditation, regression and modern day soul retrieval 
- Learn tangible tools and techniques to release all types of blockages or unwanted repeating patterns
- Learn how to navigate negative emotions and triggers to take your power back from inhibiting fears
- Learn how to release resistance to feelings and emotions
- Be the light of your life and step closer towards enlightenment 

Who is these workshops for?
- people who feel confused and indecisive 
- those who constantly manifest the same unwanted result
- those who want to remove internal blocks towards achieving their dreams
- people who want to experience positive results
- those who want to lessen their anger and frustration

In these interactive workshops you will learn: 
- how to facilitate shadow work techniques on yourself
- learn ways to deeply connect with your loved ones 
- how to handle difficult emotions 
- how to identify your patterns 
- how to connect with the underlying emotions that we often overlook
- how to upgrade your mindset on the conscious level
- gain clarity on emotional and mental blockages and how to release them 



"Invaluable. Actual break through. Utmost confidence achieved."

[Shadow work: Inner Alchemy Workshop] - Stacey

My Expertise

Reiki Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing

Aura Readings

Soul Retrieval

Etheric Cord Healing

Entities or Implant Removal 

Inner Child Healing 

Ego Alchemy

Tao Source Healing

Akashic Records Readings

Past Lives Purifications

Channeling with your Spirit Guides

Oracle card Readings

Light Body Activations 

Featured Healer and Speaker 

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Welcome! I'm Tiffany.


At a young age I was already very connected to the ascended masters energies, Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mother Kwan Yin and the Angels. Like most of you, I got distracted by school and a series of life events and lost touch with my spiritual gifts and went into a consciousness slumber. 

I am what you would call the wounded healer, having gone through a difficult childhood, I found myself hopping into one abusive relationship after another. I just didn't know what feeling safe with the masculine energy feels like. We started off very wealthy but through gambling, we went into serious financial struggles. During that time I was also bullied harshly in school and recovering from a sexual assault. My life was a series of trauma that I hid very well from everyone else. Until the pressure cooker within broke down and I started spiralling downwards into depression, anxiety and suicidal attempts. 


I felt like there was no hope for me, depression was a silent monster that became my closest companion. I see myself slowly wasting away, the constant chest pain and tears wouldn’t go away, I felt totally powerless and ready to give up on life. But deep inside, I had this little voice in my head that told me there’s something else - this cannot be the end. 

My first awakening was very similar to Ekhart Tolle.


One New Years Eve, I hadn't left my room in days, I was suffering deeply. I let myself cry until I couldn't cry anymore, it was then that my inner flame rise and I said to myself, 'look Tiff, you can either check out now or make a choice and live life to the fullest, there is no other way.' ​The rage in me had transformed into light and power. I sat up in peace and never looked back again. 

Depression took my 20s away from me, but it didn't take away my inner light, sense of humour (I laugh at my own jokes) and curious playfulness. In fact, looking back it has given me SO MUCH. I wouldn't be who I am today without the hardship. 

I now enjoy a life of purpose, super fulfilling, amazing relationships, found my twin flame and work that I love. I am a skilled master level healer who helps others rise and become healers themselves. The sage that guides them along their journey by connecting deeply within and without. I got on the love train to live a soulful life, with gratitude and appreciation, to serve you, grow alongside with you. 

I'm excited to work with you! 

Other skillsets to know about me:

Master Healer and Teacher at My Inner Temple

Course Director at The New Earth Alchemists Academy 


Certified Reiki Master Level Teacher/Practitioner


Certified Completion Process Practitioner


Certified Meditation Facilitator


Certified Kundalini and Chakra Facilitator


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Mentor


Tao Hands and Divine Healing Hands Practitioner

Hon. B of Science in Biology

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