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Conscious Living Challenge

A 7-Day Comprehensive Online Course

This unique 7-Day course includes…

  • 7 meditations to boost your mental energy, cultivate clarity and awareness ​

  • 6 educational videos covering topics such as "Freedom from Fear, Anxiety and Depression" & "What is Kundalini and Chakras"

  • 3 worksheets to help you heal your energy, anchor self love and walk the middle path with inner wisdom

  • 5 yogic breathing techniques to release stress and calm your nerve anywhere, anytime 

  • 3 yogic movement exercises to boost your physical energy 

Your Peace of Mind is just a click away!

Register for the Course Today!

Benefits of Meditation: 

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves concentration

  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle

  • Increases self-awareness

  • Increases happiness, creativity, sense of well-being

  • Increases acceptance of self and others

  • Slows aging

  • Movement towards self actualization

  • Increases motivation, resiliency, calmness and optimism 

  • Benefits cardiovascular and immune health


Benefits of yogic breathing techniques:

  • Beneficial in treating a range of stress related disorder

  • Improves the autonomic functions

  • Reduces the signs of oxidative stress in the body

  • Can assist in steady mind, strong will power and sound judgement

  • Enhance health and vitality and enhance ones perception of life

  • Number of studies show that pranayama causes change in the cardio respiratory system including lowering of blood pressure


Benefits of yogic movement exercises:

  • Activate major energy points in the body

  • Increase level of vitality

  • Relieve stress and pain

Receive a HUGE BONUS along with your registration! 

Life Time Access to my Exclusive Membership Portal

"It was an amazing 6 classes of Yoga and Meditation. Your sessions gave me some new perspective to look at and they are my source of inspiration to continue the journey." Ghulam H.

"Hi Tiffany! I just wanted to say Hi and send love and also tell you how much I've been appreciating you and our session last week. That whole thing was very powerful and validating for me and your suggestion was spot on. I can't tell you how BIG it's been for me... I'm still integrating and absorbing everything in from last week." Anissa M.

"I am grateful to have experienced the healing energy of Tiffany. She is wonderfully intuitive and heals with power, compassion, and calmness. In her presence, I feel strongly the energy of Kuan Yin, my favorite goddess of healing and compassion." Amazawa S.

"I have to say thank you to miss Tiffany Tin for such a great workshop! You are amazing and keep on spreading your love, healing and light into this world :) I can't wait to work with you more"

"I agree great event and having an experience not knowing anyone but it didn't feel like I was a stranger. Tiffany Tin is kind, open and creates a sacred space for our healing journeys, Thank you!"

"I highly recommend Tiffany Tin's work, I was always petrified to speak in front of people, now I am doing it and don't feel the fear! ❤️️ this is powerful for me because I have a message to share." 

"I cannot begin to describe how Divine my experience with Tiffany has been! She is an exceptional healer and channeler, and our sessions together have been transformational BEYOND words. One of the most unique things about Tiffany besides her authentic connection to divine realms and wisdom she carries and shares during and in-between sessions, is her unconditional loving presence and sincere desire to serve and empower others to act and speak in alignment with their truth, just as she does. Before working with Tiffany, I felt very lost and misunderstood. But since meeting and working with Tiffany, I don’t feel so alone anymore. I feel I have gained more clarity to my life’s purpose and connection to my higher self. Tiffany, you are truly a gift to humanity and I cannot thank you enough for shepherding my journey and guiding me to the Light." -M.I.

Meet Your Facilitator

Certified Meditation Facilitator

Tiffany Tin, Founder of My Inner Temple

Reiki Master Level Teacher

Spiritual Intuitive Healer

Certified CP Shadow Work Practitioner

Conscious Living Coach

Certified Meditation, Kundalini and Chakra Facilitator 

Hi there! I'm Tiffany! 

Cultivating mindfulness has changed my life and I know it will serve you greatly as well. This is a tool that is available to anyone and I am very excited to share my knowledge with you! 

And in case we haven’t met before, here’s a little bit about me... it’s nice to know about your facilitator :) 

I am an intuitive healer who leads conscious events, healing workshops, restorative retreats and spiritual webinars. I help people who are ready to release past trauma, overcome inhibiting emotional pain and fears to thrive towards a fulfilling life with success, confidence, authenticity and inner happiness. 

I put myself back together after a very difficult childhood, trapped in many abusive relationships and resolved my emotional trauma from an assault while struggling with depression and anxiety for years. I went through years of therapy on my journey, even so... I felt that there was a missing link... 

I found the last piece of puzzle that was missing and aligned myself to a thriving heart centered practice, supportive relationships and being truly happy with who I am. Now, I am here to help you do the same. 

This is my humble from-the-heart story... Thank you for your interest and allowing me to be part of your journey :)

Happy practice!

Learn more about me, my workshops and practice 

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