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The word Reiki is divided into two parts: Rei means Source and Ki means Energy. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Energy coming from Source. Unlike the circulating energy that is always recycling, renewing and reusing, Source Energy is Infinite, purposeful and has its own divine intelligence. It serves to heal and transform for the betterment of all. 

Tiffany is a Reiki Master practicing the classical Mikao Usui lineage. Master Mikao Usui (Aug 15 1865 - Mar 9 1926) channelled Reiki as a healing modality when he went on a fasting and prayer pilgrimage on Mount Kumara after learning Sanskrit and studying the symbols. On the 21st day he felt Reiki over his head and become spiritually awakened. Following this experience, he was drawn to use the loving energy emanating from his hands to cure the sick and those in need. 

Benefits of Reiki treatments: 

- Promotes deep relaxation 

- Speeds up recovery time

- Stress and anxiety relief

- Decrease muscle tightness, pain and tension

- Treat insomnia

- Increases energy 

- Aligns the chakra system 

- Awakens and purifies the Kundalini 

- Repatterns the brain

- Heals the mind-body connection through the subconscious

- To clear negative energy and release spirit attachments 

- Guard a room against negative emotions, dis-ease or entities 

Spiritual Healing and Activation

- Soul Retrieval 

- Etheric Cord Cutting

- Entities removal 

When we elevate our mind, body and spirit we uplift our vibration. Everything in this universe is made out of vibration, and we operate according to universal laws like the law of attraction and law of projection. As we continue to raise our vibration, you increase your intuition and ability to manifest abundance into your life. You step into your power and gain infinite wisdom without the need of external approval. This is a the path towards enlightenment and self sovereignty. 

Lemurian Crystal Grid Activation

Lemuria once existed on Earth during the Atlantean Era. Lemurians are highly spiritual beings who dedicated their lives to understand the laws of the universe and to expand their psychic power. Crystals were used to harness power from Source for technological and healing purposes. 

This modality is used to enhance your extrasensory perception by activating your etheric DNA. I often use this energy healing modality to enhance your connection to your higher self, raise your vibration and balance your energetic field along with Reiki. 

Intuitive Coaching

An opportunity to receive support and experience growth during challenging times in life as well as assistance, advice and guidance, especially on personal problems and difficulties with the awakening process. 

Restorative Meditation and Yoga

Is your family or a group of friends feeling stressed out lately? Book a group session to rewind together with gentle yoga movements and meditation. 

Meditation is a path to relaxation, awareness and expansion to awareness. 

"Master your mind by observing it, only then will you be able to wield it as a tool instead of letting it control you. It is also only then can love and creativity seeps through." - Tiffany Tin 

Kundalini and Chakra facilitation

Kundalini Yoga is Param Yoga or the supreme Yoga. It is ancient yet contemporary as it can be explained in terms of science without bringing any religion to define it. What is referred to as Kundalini Yoga now, was previously known as Laya Yoga. Laya means dissolution. It was called the Yoga of dissolution, because it dissolves the barriers between energy or Shakti and consciousness or Shiva. The word Kundalini derived from the Sanskrit word Kundal, meaning the coiled one. When Shakti or energy lies dormant, it assumes the shape of a coil, like a serpent. When Kundalini is awakened in an individual, it uncoils and straightens up like a serpent and moves through the chakras. This is why it is also known as Serpent Power. 

When Kundalini is awakened, all the chakras are active and fully functional. This breaks the cycle of the world and the mind and body unit as one. Soul is experienced and the individual gets glimpses of pure consciousness. This is a first realization. As the process continues, the soul comes to its full realization of non-dual consciousness. 

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