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Seraphim Angelic Light Codes Healers Certification Training Program

The Transformative Online Training Program to Learn the 5 major lineages of Light Languages for Energy Healing, Light Body Activations and Life Transformation 

with Renowned Spiritual Teacher, High Priestess, Starseed Channel Tiffany Tin

Do you want to activate your light language?

Light language is a modality that anyone with a pure heart can learn to practice with the intention to send fourth love, light and healing vibrational energy medicine to oneself or others.

Light language has many applications and it’s very beautiful because it allows us to express our soul essence.

It goes beyond the limitations of linear language, I find that it can bypass the ego mind and connect with the heart and soul more deeply.

Your voice is a powerful energy center and many ancient traditions have often utilized the practice of mantras and songs for spiritual expansion and healing the soul, heart, mind and body.

Modern science also acknowledges the power of sound, our intention and thought forms.

What we chant, sing and speak, we become.

So many of us were conditioned to suppress our voices in our childhood. It’s time to heal these wounds and allow ourselves to speak our truth through the love from our hearts and wisdom from our soul.

Light language conveys a vibration of love and everyone’s light language is different and unique, thus honouring each person’s individuality. It is a spiritual art form.

After all, aren’t we all art pieces from the prime creator?

You don’t need to be a professional singer to use light language, because it is expressed through your soul and as you practice your voice will harmonize with the tones and frequencies.

You are not required to follow a set ‘song’ because you can express your own light language in ways that are comfortable for you.

I have been helping my private students activate their light language, and many reported that they have never experienced anything like this before. They felt free, like a part of your soul has returned to them.

And now, I invite you to join us on this journey.

Whether you want to learn light language for your own throat chakra healing or spiritual expansion, or you want to add another modality in your healing tool belt as a healer. This training program will help you achieve this goal.

Learn the 5 major lineages of light language: Dragons, Masters of Light, Angelic, Lemurian-Atlantean, Stargates.

Join practice sessions with Tiffany and other beautiful lightbringers!

This course is for pure hearted, light beings who are sensitive to energies.

My intention is to create a safe and non-judgemental space, thus respect, love and kindness is very important.

If you are ready to activate your light language, have faith in yourself and are feeling called to learn this modality, register below and let’s get started!


Benefits of light language:

Heal and Activate your Throat Chakra

Aligns your energy channels and centers

Connect to Source and express your light and love authentically

Be in touch with your creational power and higher self

Attune yourself to Source, or your guides

Strengthen your channelling abilities

Less demanding on your body because it doesn’t require a lot of energy or movement.

And You don’t have to be a super psychic to do light language :)


What is the course like?

This is an online training and you will have lifetime access to the materials, that means as I update the course you will keep posted.

You will explore and learn the 5 major lineages of light language (Celestial Dragon, Masters of Light, Angelic, Lemurian-Atlantean, Stargates) to access your own light language frequency.

There are practice sessions with Tiffany in group settings to build confidence, receive support and guidance as you grow and expand. Private sessions are optional add-ons.

Train with Tiffany for guidance and access her vast knowledge about channelling and healing abilities (yesss, we can spiritually nerd out together in excitement!)

Each week you will receive an attunement to raise your vibration to become receptive and connected to higher frequency.

The rest of the week is for integration and self practice in your own time. The teacher can do 50% of the work but the other half is up to the student.

My soul purpose is to teach, and I want to create a compassionate and kind space for my student’s learning.

I give my 100% and thus I would love to have students who are serious and value the training.

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Curriculum Overview

Week 1

Vortex of Light Attunement

Light Language Initiation

Guided Training and Practice

Week 2

Crystalline Ray Attunement

Lineage: Masters of Light

Guided Training and Practice

Week 3

Emerald and Magenta Rays Attunement

Lineage: Angelic

Guided Training and Practice

Week 4

Blue Ray Center Attunement

Lineage: Lemurian-Atlantean

Guided Training and Practice

Week 5

Yellow and Orange Rays Attunement

Lineage: Celestial Dragon

Guided Training and Practice

Week 6

Violet Ray Attunement

Lineage: Stargate

Guided Training and Practice

Week 7

Golden Ray Attunement

Guided Training and Practice

Week 8

Closing Celebration

Guided Training and Practice


The current term is SPRING - MARCH to MAY 2022


HOW TO APPLY: Contact Tiffany to join the Waitlist 

This course includes:

You will receive life time access to:

1) 8x 60mins Weekly LIVE classes with attunements, teachings and guided practice.

Recording of the classes will be available.

2) 6x 60mins Group Practice Sessions

3) Bonus! Access to my CHANNEL DIVINE MESSAGES WITH SPIRIT GUIDES online course (Value at $97) with over 20 practices, along with workbooks and 2 LIVE classes.

4) Certification of Completion

5) Private Facebook Group for additional support, community Q&A, resource sharing.


What is the energy exchange?

Paid in Full $250 Canadian Dollars, tax included

For Financial assistance, please contact me here

*Due to limited spots available and the nature of this training program, there will be no refunds once you have signed up and reserved your spot. Please tune into your heart and make sure this is a course you truly want to take part in :) Thanks for understanding!

*Only ~15 spots available as I cannot take in too many students for the training program.

HOW TO APPLY: OPEN FOR ENROLMENT - Contact Tiffany to Apply *Click here*


I look forward to meet you in this course!



Hear what our students has to say about their experience:
"It was so surprising for me!! 🤣 Right after completing Bringers of Light, I started a program to develop my clairs more. I have been opening up my clairvoyance too, and it's SUPER FUN!!"
"Tiffany thank you so much 
meeting you and doing your course has been a highlight for me  I really really enjoyed your course"
"i have to say your teaching and who u are i was able to learn and you put me
at so much ease and the confidence  with in me. you touched me l
like no other teach has so big big thank you again" 
"Your encouragement and loving support is such a gift and incredibly motivating! I look forward to continued experiences and classes with you. Your guidance as a mentor and teacher has been such a blessing."

Contact Teacher Tiffany to Join the Waitlist

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