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New Earth Alchemists

Option 1: Inner Alchemist

CAD $25

A 5-Day Healing Course

- 5 videos ranging from 10 to 20 minutes long

- Each video has accompanying notes or a worksheet to facilitate learning

- Email me privately to ask any questions 

Option 2: Heart Warrior

CAD $297

8-week Inner Alchemy Healing Program with 4 weekly group mentoring sessions and 2 private calls 

- access via 

- week 1 to 5 covers the 4 aspects of shadow work in great details: inner child, emotional vipassana, golden shadow and ego transcendence 

- week 6 to 10 covers topics on assertiveness, creating healthy boundaries, cultivating self-expression, self-love, self-respect, understanding intimacy and connection with others

- Calls will be recorded in case you missed it 

- Submit your question privately and anonymously or join the Zoom call in person

- Easy click-on-link access, can call in by phone or join via video camera

Bonus: 2 private following up phone calls, 30 minutes each

- Limited spots available 

Option 3: Rising Phoenix

CAD $537-657

Heart Warrior Option PLUS 4 private healing sessions 

- Each private session is 90 minutes long

- Meet in person at North York or Downtown Toronto locations 

- Distance video session is also available for those who don't live in Toronto

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