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Heal as One 

6 Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Workshops

Welcome Divine Souls! These workshops that I am facilitating is 6 sessions in total and is a fantastic introduction to mindfulness meditation. Come to all 6 sessions or drop in any one of them. We start on September 17, 2016 and ends on October 29, 2016 (There is no class during the Thanksgiving weekend). In each one hour session you will learn one meditation technique, working with one of your senses to cultivate mindfulness and connect with your body with yoga!

I will use all profits generated from this program to cover the rental cost for a free of charge program with one of our local community health centre to help young adults who are experiencing depression and anxiety. We are all universally interconnected, by joining us to heal yourself, you will also send your love and give another person the chance to heal themselves. 

Location: Dance Annex @ 527 Bloor St W, 2nd floor (Bloor and Bathurst)

Investment: $60 for all 6 classes or $15 per class

Spaces are limited, to reserve your spot: please EFT to

Please bring you own yoga mat and a meditaion cushion if you wish. There will be some available at the studio. 

Head over to the "contact" page and get in touch with me on via phone, text or email if you have any questions.



September 17, 2016

Brief Introduction


- What is meditation

- What does it mean to be mindful and why is it beneficial to us

- What is happening biologically with our bodies when we are in a meditative state

- Sujun Movements and yoga, So Hum Meditation, Victory breath, Mindful Sense of Touch 

Anxiety and Worrying


September 24, 2016

Rewire your neuropathways to decrease the effect of stress on your mind and body

- Bhramari pranayama and yoga, Walking Meditation, Mindfulness with Sounds

Self Love


October 01, 2016

When we care and love ourselves, we are at the same time caring and loving others

- Bindu yoga, Sleep Meditation, Mindful Sense of Smell with Aromatherapy 

Fear and Ego


October 15, 2016

Exploration of three types of ego and what elements constitutes a healthy ego

- Inner Temple meditation and yoga, Mindful Sense of Taste 

Awareness and Allowing


October 22, 2016

What is allowing and how we can cultivate awareness

- Kalajayi breath and yoga, Braham Meditaion, Mindful Sense of Sight

Heart Virtues


October 29, 2016

Be your authentic self, learn how to listen to your intuition and align with your core values

- Flying Lock Breathing Technique and yoga, Sushuma Meditation

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