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Thank you, the Energy Recharge Kit is on the way to your inbox!

Here’s what to do next:

#1 Check your inbox (spam folders) for the 'Energy Recharge Kit' or Download it Here


#2 Join me LIVE on my Facebook Page for the 7-Day Empowered Empath Challenge. Learn more below :)

#3 Click here to request access to The Empowered Empaths of LIGHT to join other empaths during this training

Keep an eye on your inbox for updates!

Join us LIVE during the 1st​ to 7th​​ of August 2018 9am EST

In the course of a week you’ll go from stuck and hiding, to a striving and skilled empath!

Prep: Register below and receive your FREE [Energy Recharge Kit for Empaths]
DAY ONE: How to have healthy boundaries and honour your feelings with assertiveness
DAY TWO: The Energy Recharge Kit for Empaths: The 4 step energy management system essential to empaths
DAY THREE: Take your power back from the anxiety, ego and its fears.  
DAY FOUR: Integrating the inner child to reverse sense worthiness and inadequacy – the #1 struggle that all empaths struggle with
DAY FIVE: How to Meet Your Emotional Needs - a step by step guide to get you started!
DAY SIX: The Art of Balance between serving others and nurturing your wellbeing - The 4 Principles of Alchemy Healing
DAY SEVEN: From Passion to Purpose – from procrastination to unleashing your potentials  
Throughout the seven days you’ll have heaps of support from me and other members in my community! See you there!

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