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Module 7 - Courage

Chakra Exercises in a Sitting Posture
Chakra Meditation
Kundalini and Chakras Part 2
Directions for the Future:
  • Keeping a regular routine helps tremendously in terms of maintaining a practice

  • The urge to skip practice may signal avoidance of unpleasant or difficult feelings – be mindful of this

  • Meditate when you are rested, and not on full stomach

  • Break up longer practices into smaller practices if you cannot commit 30-45 minutes at a time

  • Very times you practice to see what works for you

  • Establish a place in your home where you will practice

  • Communicate your needs to your family and establish with them that this is your time for quietness

  • Sometimes you will experience stretches of time where the mindfulness will not seem to be “producing” for you, and you may think that it is not working. Remember to trust the process, allow things to unfold in due time. Letting go of your goals is one way to achieve them.


Please invite yourself to be mindful in everyday life :)


May I be happy and live with joy.

May I be healthy and strong.

May I be safe and protected.

May I be at peace and live with ease.

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