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Are you  serious about Self Development, Healing and Empowerment? Are you seeking how-to techniques where I can guide you with a step-by-step healing process? Would you like to learn deep inner work without spending thousands of dollars?

You are a good hearted person, empathic and you love helping people. And yet you feel like you are 'overly sensitive' or past experiences might have caused you to feel... out of place, something is wrong with you, not accepted, or incomplete. People like coming to you for advice and yet you have trouble asking for help in fear of being a burden. Sometimes the emotional pain is so great, yet you might be feeling alone or even rejected because of it.

Meditation, Therapy, Yoga and a Healthy Diet helps but there is still something missing... what is it? How do we go from broken or breakthrough?

If you are willing and have the passion, I have a path for you.

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Try out the first 4 weeks of our Comprehensive Healing Course for just $47

- Life Time Access the to first 5 Modules

- 12 page Workbook

- Weekly Live Coaching Sessions

- Monthly Healing Webinars in Private FB Community

- Redeem Credit towards the Full Course

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'Invaluable. Actual break through. Utmost confidence achieved.'

- Stacey Curtis

" You are making a HUGE difference in my life and I want to share with you. For the first time in my life I'm starting to be able to really communicate with people. It's such an amazing feeling. I am so thankful to have you guiding me along the path 😊 Thank you Tiffany!"

- Kevin R., IT professional

'Before working with Tiffany, I felt very lost and misunderstood. But since meeting and working with Tiffany, I don’t feel so alone anymore. I feel I have gained more clarity to my life’s purpose and connection to my higher self. Tiffany, you are truly a gift to humanity and I cannot thank you enough for shepherding my journey and guiding me to the Light.'

- Melissa Di Fronzo, Registered Social Worker

'Her profound and intimate understanding of this process can only come from someone who has gone through it herself and her naturally radiant, angelic aura provides an atmosphere of non-judgement, compassion and forgiveness that immediately dissolves the barriers we put between ourselves and this work. Combined, these gifts of hers transform what for many is an intimidating process into a gentle, yet deeply cathartic release that can catapult your spiritual progress forward perhaps more than anything else can.

I would wholeheartedly recommend that you experience it for yourself, as I have, since what can offer you can only very inadequately be described in words.'

- Christian Whittall, Literature Teacher and Professional

Are You Ready to Get Healing?


You'll always know the next step you should be taking, with innovative training and support every step of the way

Join Us Now For Just $47

Hi Alchemists! I'm Tiffany Tin, founder of My Inner Temple and the New Earth Alchemists Academy. I am a certified meditation, kundalini and chakra facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher with many healing modalities under my batman tool belt. 

I help people learn how to heal emotional wounds and empower themselves through Alchemy Healing to overcome inhibiting fears, past trauma and breakthrough to inner peace, personal empowerment and find their authentic self.

When we are healed and empowered, we are more grounded, confident, in the flow, assertive and have healthy boundaries.

When we struggle with our emotional wounds, it can affect us in many ways. In my career what I have noticed is that these thoughts patterns are very sneaky! They hide in our subconscious and because we have grown so used to them, so many of us don't even know they are running in the background and draining our energy. It can cause you to feel stuck or lost.

Emotional wounds are painful, most of us are not taught how to heal emotional wounds. Sometimes it is so painful that we start to feel numb, we feel nothing, or we might act out in anger to protect ourselves. We need to understand and heal our shadows. We need to bring in the light of our consciousness to illuminate these blindspots.

And if we let them fester, it manifests itself again and again in our lives as repeating patterns. You are sitting here asking yourself why did I get into this type of situation again? Or why is this person treating me like this?

All of these thought patterns are very disempowering and can make us feel powerless to change our experience or circumstances.

The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way! That repeating circle can end starting today.

When we learn how to look into our shadows and transmute it into light through Alchemy Healing, it benefits our lives in so many ways:

  • Learn effective healing techniques that works


I used to struggled with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I went through years of private counselling, CBT and DBT groups, I went on to learn yoga and meditation and other holistic healing modalities. What I teach in this course is truly the last piece of puzzle that was missing to catapult me out of self sabotaging and finally find myself again.

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal effectiveness


By learning about our shadows, we also begin to understand what drives other people to behave a certain way. We become more compassionate and non-judgemental towards ourselves and others.

  • Learn how to express yourself in a positive way


With this new found level of consciousness, you will be able to understand exactly why you are feeling or behaving a certain way and be able to express yourself clearly to others. This will decrease the frequency of misunderstandings and deepen your connection with others.

  • Gain the confidence you need to change your life circumstances


My family struggled financially when I was a child, there was physical abuse and many traumatic memories. I also struggled with huge self esteem issues because I was constantly bullied in school. After years of fragmentation and not healing myself, I went on to have panic attacks, sleeping 16 hours a day because of depression, one abusive relationship after another... until one day I just had it. I WANT to CHANGE my life. Now I have confidently leading successful healing workshops, classes and retreats. Watching hundreds of people transform because of the information that I share. Although life is journey, I finally am able to feel happy with who I am, kicked abusive relationships to the curb and found my loving partner. If I can do it, you definitely can too!

  • You don't have to heal alone


Being a facilitator I have been watching connections made, friendships established. Doing things alone sucks, ain't nobody got time for that *here goes Tiffany's dorky personality and you are going to see more of that!* :P The things that I needed the most during my healing journey was support and knowing that there are others like me who are journeying on this path too.


Why should you take this course?

  • Innovative step-by-step and how-tos techniques proven effective by many students


Emotional healing seems like a hard to grasp topic...where do you even start? In this course I break it down in an organized and concrete pathway so you can follow along with me without feeling overwhelmed. Videos are bite-sized, digestible and straight to the point. 

  • It is a wonderful complementary course even for those who have done therapy before


I work with therapists and social workers and they all LOVED this course. I approach healing in a wholistic view and I love deep inner work. 

  • Get the support that you need


Weekly LIVE coaching Webinars where you can ask questions and work directly with me. Joining the Facebook group will also give you access to fellow students and on-going monthly healing webinars for ongoing support, because healing can sometimes happen in layers, I want to be there to support you as you grow and heal. 


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